Brasserie Louis partners with local celebrity Chef Nak

Brasserie Louis partners with local celebrity Chef Nak

Brasserie Louis partners with local celebrity chef Nak to shine a spotlight on Cambodia’s rich culinary heritage

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November 11, 2019

Rosewood Phnom Penh is honored to announce an exclusive partnership between Brasserie Louis and local celebrity chef Rotanak Ros, who goes by “Chef Nak.” As a passionate cook, food writer and entrepreneur, the self-taught chef is on a mission to preserve the traditions of Cambodian cuisine by adapting stalwart classics for modern diners. Beginning November 2019, guests can experience Chef Nak’s quintessentially Cambodian creations at Brasserie Louis, which overlooks the city’s ever-evolving skyline from its lofty perch on the hotel’s 35th floor.

To complement the sophisticated setting, Chef Nak’s specially designed signature menu features 12 of her most beloved recipes. On the menu, guests will discover delectable appetizers such as Plea Sach Ko Kantumthet (beef tenderloin with fresh kale and crispy shallots), Plea Trei (snakehead fish and lemongrass salad) and aromatic Samlor Mchou Thnaut Sach Tea soup (duck lemongrass sour soup with palm fruit) that showcase contrasting textures, surprising flavors and a bevy of nutrient-rich superfood ingredients.

A curated selection of five mains further demonstrates Chef Nak’s talent and versatility with impeccably presented dishes such as Cary Trei (fish curry), Khor Ko (caramelized beef belly stew), and Kob Kon Trei (baked little fish and shrimp in banana leaves) before finishing on a sweet note with Check Khtih (coconut cream bananas and tapioca) or Song Khya Lpov (pumpkin custard). Both delicious and meaningful, Chef Nak’s creations elevate Cambodian cuisine through her creative use of ultra-fresh local ingredients, sophisticated culinary techniques, and artful plating. 

“Throughout my life, I always wondered about the unique recipes and techniques behind Khmer cuisine but, when I started researching, I couldn’t find much information available. That made me worry that these culinary traditions had been erased following the devastating Khmer Rouge in the 1970s,” says Chef Nak. “So, I quit my job and set out to learn all about Cambodia’s food heritage by visiting rural communities where the older generation teaches me all about their favorite traditional recipes.”

Over the past few years, Nak has collected more than 200 Khmer recipes which she shares via her website (, YouTube channel, books and her own restaurant and cooking school, Mahope, which is located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Her thorough work has not only made her an expert on Khmer cuisine, but also one of the country’s most influential and passionate food ambassadors. “By partnering with Brasserie Louis, I hope to shine a spotlight on Cambodian cuisine internationally, so more people can enjoy our culture and culinary traditions,” she adds.

Rosewood Phnom Penh invites discerning gourmands to reserve a table at enchanting Brasserie Louis and prepare for a Cambodian culinary journey that embodies the country’s history and culture.

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