Cook with Chef Nak

Discover the Secrets of Khmer Cuisine with Chef Nak

For guests that are not satisfied to simply eat Chef Nak’s food at the Mahope Dining Experience – our Cooking School is the perfect option. You will discover the secrets of traditional Khmer cuisine and have the opportunity to spend a full day in Chef Nak’s daily life that revolves around food.

At the house guests will have the opportunity to cook, learn and relax as they spend the day cooking three dishes, preparing cocktails and enjoying the pool and gardens. This is a perfect and intimate introduction to Khmer cuisine.

Please contact before making payment. 50% due on booking.

"Chef Nak is saving Cambodian cuisine, one dish at a time..."

Our mission at Rotanak is to celebrate, develop and preserve the art of Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine. We work to bring the unique flavours and rich history of Khmer culinary culture to the world through multiple channels, activities and projects.

We believe that Khmer cuisine is an art form that sits proudly with Cambodia’s rich cultural artistic heritage. Through books, teaching, TV and film, social media and our popular “Mahope” Home Dining Experience we hope to show the world the art of traditional Khmer living.

Follow Chef Nak’s jouney on YouTube and learn how to create incredible dishes at home!

Chef Nak is committed to sharing Cambodian food with the world anyway she can. On her YouTube channel – Rotanak – you can discover hours of content revealing the secrets of Cambodian cuisine.

Of course, the best way to learn is to visit Chef Nak’s cooking class but for everyone who cannot make it to Phnom Penh, click below to learn at home!