Discover the Secretes of Cambodian Cuisine with Cambodia's First Female Celebrity Chef

Luxury Home Dining

Enjoy an ultimate dining experiences and discover the secrets of Cambodian cuisine from one of the Kingdom’s leading chefs at her two stunning antique wooden houses near the Mekong River.

Private Cooking Classes

Submerge yourself in authentic Cambodian culinary culture. You will learn first hand from Cambodia’s first female celebrity chef how to prepare authentic Khmer dishes. 

Luxury Homestay

Enjoy your time at Chef Nak’s luxury suites in an antique wooden house with natural swimming pool and attend unusual experiences around Phnom Penh and on the nearby “Silk Island”.

Culinary Arts Tours

Immerse yourself with Chef Nak’s 9-10 days tour with special focus on culinary arts but also other aspects of Cambodian arts and culture.

Restaurant Consultancies

We can help your restaurants to design outstanding menus while staying true to Cambodian culinary roots. 

From seasonal to festive menus, Chef Nak can help you curate a creative take on Khmer cuisine while mentoring your team on it correct execution.


Have fun by learning some of the most delicious new recipes which Chef Nak found and preserved so you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of Cambodia.

Social Media Content

You can join and support Chef Nak to create engagement-provoking social media content to promote Cambodian cuisine.

Chef Nak’s culinary expeditions to every province to discover and save the disappearing traditional cuisine of the Cambodian people.