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Welcome to Rotanak – Cambodia’s leading destination for authentic Khmer cuisine.

Our mission at Rotanak is to celebrate, develop and preserve the art of Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine. We work to bring the unique flavours and rich history of Khmer culinary culture to the world through multiple channels, activities and projects.

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Cook with Chef Nak

Dream of learning how to cook authentic Cambodian cuisine? Spend the day with Chef Nak to discover the secrets of traditional Khmer cuisine and have the opportunity to see how food is central to Chef Nak’s daily life.

At the Chef Nak’s house guests will have the opportunity to cook, learn and relax as they spend the day cooking three dishes, preparing cocktails and enjoying the pool and gardens. This is a perfect and intimate introduction to Cambodian cuisine.

Experience Khmer Cuisine with Chef Nak​

Luxury Home Dining – Mekong River, Cambodia -​

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